About us

Who We Are

A Non-Governmental Association

WOMEN ALLIANCE FOR PURPOSEFUL LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION is a Non-Partisan, Not-for-Profit Non-Governmental Association made up of noble women whose passion and heart cry is the total emancipation of the vulnerable, the exploited and disenfranchised persons in every community, everywhere in the world. We seek to sensitize women and youths in the community on the universally guaranteed fundamental human rights to make for the existence of a good and productive lifestyle. We believe that coming together in peace and unity, we can make all the difference needed to enhance the quality of life for all. Our membership is specifically targeted to women who despise injustice of any kind, mothers who are not mothers to their children only, but see the crying child in every man and woman with the ultimate view of providing succor. Though our resources are limited, we see endless possibility to make impact in lives around us through cheerful giving and resources mobilization.

Our Organization

Our organization is formed to provide a platform for sustained advocacy for good governance and equitable distribution of our God-given resources. We intend to influence positive change by providing quality citizens engagement and sustained lobbying so as to alter identified negative narratives confronting women, children, the elderly, the socially disenfranchised and the oppressed amongst us. We shall partner and collaborate with anyone, group, NGO, Movement and relevant bodies that share our aspirations so as to increase our voice in the public space to bring about development. As firm believers in the MAXIM “Injustice anywhere, is Injustice everywhere, we are poised to gather resources anywhere – both material, human and instrumentality of law – to seek justice for all vulnerable cohorts identified. We are here to ensure a return to traditional family values and morality by actively promoting vehicles that discourages social ills. We aspire to be the glue that holds the society together and encourages the hidden potentials in God’s creatures to be whom God created them to be in totality.